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9 Studies found for: tdcs AND aphasia AND current AND speech-language AND SLT AND SLT AND SLT

Terms and Synonyms Searched:

Terms Search Results* Entire Database**
tdcs 9 studies 1,418 studies
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation 9 studies 1,280 studies
aphasia 9 studies 586 studies
Aphasic disturbance -- 1 studies
Difficulty finding words -- 2 studies
Loss of words -- 1 studies
current 9 studies 44,394 studies
Currently 1 studies 15,542 studies
speech-language 9 studies 393 studies
Speech and language 5 studies 178 studies
language speech -- 5 studies
SLT 9 studies 132 studies

-- No studies found
* Number of studies in the search results containing the term or synonym
** Number of studies in the entire database containing the term or synonym

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