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1 Recruiting Multiple Versus Single Dose of Ivermectin for the Treatment of Strongyloidiasis
Condition: Strongyloidiasis
Intervention: Drug: Ivermectin
2 Completed Clinical Trial of Rifampin and Azithromycin for the Treatment of River Blindness
Condition: Onchocerciasis
Interventions: Drug: Rifampin;   Drug: Azithromycin
3 Completed Effect of Albendazole Dose on Treatment of Lymphatic Filariasis
Conditions: Lymphatic Filariasis;   Brugia Malayi Infection
Interventions: Drug: Albendazole;   Drug: Diethylcarbamazine
4 Completed Effectiveness of Combined Albendazole and Ivermectin Treatment for Intestinal Worm Infections
Conditions: Ascariasis;   Trichuriasis;   Hookworm Infection;   Strongyloidiasis;   Pediculosis
Intervention: Drug: albendazole vs. combined albendazole/ivermectin treatment
5 Completed Study to Test Whether Shoes Protect Children Against Hookworm Infection on Pemba Island, Zanzibar
Condition: Hookworm
Intervention: Device: Shoes
6 Completed Research for Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis (ICIDR)
Condition: Lymphatic Filariasis
7 Active, not recruiting Safety and Immunogenicity of a Human Hookworm Candidate Vaccine With or Without Additional Adjuvant in Brazilian Adults
Conditions: Hookworm Infection;   Hookworm Disease
Interventions: Biological: 10 μg Na-GST-1/Alhydrogel;   Biological: 30 μg Na-GST-1/Alhydrogel;   Biological: 100 μg Na-GST-1/Alhydrogel;   Biological: 10 μg Na-GST-1/ Alhydrogel/GLA-AF;   Biological: 30 μg Na-GST-1/Alhydrogel/GLA-AF;   Biological: 100 μg Na-GST-1/Alhydrogel/GLA-AF;   Biological: Butang® hepatitis B vaccine
8 Recruiting Host Response to Infection and Treatment in Filarial Diseases
Conditions: Filariasis;   Helminthiasis;   Loiasis;   Mansonelliasis;   Onchocerciasis
9 Completed Prevalence of Hookworm Infection and Community Preparedness for Hookworm Vaccine Trials in Endemic Areas of Brazil
Condition: Hookworm Infection
Intervention: Biological: Na-ASP-2 Skin Test Reagent
10 Completed Study Comparing Moxidectin And Ivermectin In Subjects With Onchocerca Volvulus Infection
Condition: Onchocerciasis
Interventions: Drug: Moxidectin;   Drug: Ivermectin
11 Completed Interaction Between HIV and Lymphatic Filariasis
Conditions: HIV Infection;   Lymphatic Filariasis
Intervention: Drug: Diethylcarbamazine
12 Completed Safety of the Co-administration of Three Drugs for Trachoma and Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination
Conditions: Parasitic Diseases;   Bacterial Diseases
Intervention: Drug: triple co administration at once of the combination of Albendazole + ivermectin + azithromycin
13 Recruiting Hookworm Immune Regulation Project
Condition: Hookworm Infection
Intervention: Other: Blood and feces sampling
14 Recruiting Mass Drug Administration for Lymphatic Filariasis and Onchocerciasis for Liberia
Conditions: Lymphatic Filariasis;   Onchocerciasis;   Soil Transmitted Helminth (STH) Infections
Intervention: Drug: Annual versus Semiannual Albendazole plus Ivermectin Mass Drug Administration
15 Unknown  Management of Soil-transmitted Helminthiasis and Strongyloidiasis
Conditions: Helminthiasis;   Strongyloides Stercoralis Infection
Intervention: Drug: Ivermectin + Albendazole
16 Completed Study Evaluating Orally Administered Moxidectin In Subjects With Onchocerca Volvulus Infection
Condition: Onchocerciasis
Interventions: Drug: 2 mg moxidectin;   Drug: ivermectin 150 mcg/kg;   Drug: 4 mg moxidectin;   Drug: 8 mg moxidectin
17 Completed Epidemiology and Control of Mansonella Perstans Infection in Uganda
Conditions: Mansonelliasis;   Pruritus;   Lymphoedema;   Abdominal Pains
Intervention: Drug: ivermectin and albendazole
18 Recruiting Diagnosis of Neglected Tropical Diseases Among Patients With Persistent Digestive Disorders
Conditions: Soil-transmitted Helminthiasis;   Schistosomiasis;   Strongyloidiasis;   Shigellosis;   Intestinal Salmonellosis;   Campylobacteriosis;   Aeromonas Spp. Infections;   Giardiasis;   Amoebiasis;   Dientamoebiasis;   Cryptosporidium Spp. Infections
Interventions: Procedure: Stool culturing for pathogenic bacteria;   Procedure: Kato-Katz technique;   Procedure: Baermann technique;   Device: Mini-FLOTAC;   Device: Crypto/Giardia Duo Strip;   Procedure: Formalin-ether concentration technique;   Device: CCA RDT;   Procedure: Koga agar plate culture;   Procedure: Kinyoun staining;   Device: Multiplex PCR;   Procedure: Metagenomics analysis
19 Completed Effect of Albendazole Dose on Clearance of Filarial Worms
Condition: Lymphatic Filariasis
Interventions: Drug: Albendazole;   Drug: Ivermectin
20 Active, not recruiting Impact of Repeated Anthelmintic Treatment on the Risk of Malaria in Kenyan School Children
Conditions: Intestinal Helminthiasis;   Ascariasis;   Hookworm;   Malaria
Interventions: Drug: Albendazole;   Dietary Supplement: Vitamin C

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