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Rank Status Study
1 Completed Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Oral Solution Resfenol in Reducing Symptoms of Common Cold And Flu
Conditions: Common Cold;   Influenza
Interventions: Drug: Resfenol;   Other: Placebo
2 Unknown  Echinacea Versus Placebo Effect in Common Cold (Physician Echinacea Placebo)
Condition: Common Cold
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: Echinacea;   Other: Blinded placebo
3 Completed Safety and Efficacy Study of Oral XIGO Tablets to Treat The Common Cold
Condition: Common Cold
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: lactoferrin, L-Glutamine and beta-glucans;   Dietary Supplement: Placebo Comparator
4 Completed Effect of Paracetamol on the Common Cold
Condition: Common Cold
Interventions: Drug: Paracetamol hot drink;   Drug: Paracetamol tablets
5 Completed Pomegranate Products for Prevention of Common Cold
Conditions: Influenza;   Common Cold;   Cough;   Headache;   Fever
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: Pomegranate;   Dietary Supplement: Placebo
6 Completed
Has Results
Effects of a Common Cold Treatment on Cognitive Function
Condition: Common Cold
Interventions: Drug: Paracetamol and Caffeine;   Drug: Paracetamol
7 Completed
Has Results
Encapsulated Juice Powder Concentrate for Preventing Common Cold Symptoms
Condition: Common Cold
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: Juice Plus;   Dietary Supplement: Placebo
8 Completed Decongestant Effect, Timing of Effect and Impact on Sleep and General Well-Being of Xylometazoline in Subjects With a Common Cold
Condition: Common Cold
Intervention: Drug: Xylometazoline
9 Completed Effectiveness of Local Application of Warm Air in Patients With Common Cold (HELI Study)
Condition: Common Cold
Interventions: Procedure: inhalation of warm air in a Finnish sauna;   Procedure: inhalation of ambient air in a Finnish sauna
10 Not yet recruiting Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety of Two Ibuprofen Combination Products for the Treatment of the Common Cold and Flu in Latin America
Condition: Common Cold
Interventions: Drug: Advil Congestion Relief;   Drug: Advil Allergy and Congestion Relief;   Drug: Paracetamol
11 Completed Symptomatic Treatment of Common Cold Symptoms
Condition: Common Cold
Interventions: Drug: Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic acid, BAYE4465);   Drug: Placebo
12 Completed Study to Investigate the Effects of Hot Drinks on Nasal Airway Resistance and Symptoms of Common Cold
Condition: Common Cold/Flu
Intervention: Other: A commercially produced cordial drink
13 Recruiting A Nasal Spray With Glucose Oxidase as a Treatment of Common Cold
Condition: Reducing Symptoms of a Common Cold
Interventions: Other: Glucose oxidase+glucose;   Other: Saline+glucose
14 Recruiting Glucose Oxidase as Treatment Against Common Cold
Condition: Common Cold
Interventions: Other: Glucose oxidase + glucose;   Other: saline+glucose
15 Completed Iota-Carrageenan Nasal Spray in Common Cold
Condition: Common Cold
Interventions: Device: Placebo;   Device: Iota-Carrageenan
16 Completed Efficacy and Safety of Sinutab on Subjects in the Setting of a Common Cold
Conditions: Common Cold;   Headache;   Nasal Congestion
Intervention: Drug: Pseudoephedrine/Paracetamol
17 Completed A Study of an Experimental Nasal Spray in Subjects With Early Signs of the Common Cold
Condition: Common Cold
Interventions: Device: Polymeric Nasal Spray;   Device: Sham Nasal Spray
18 Completed Placebo and Active Controlled Study to Compare the Efficacy of Aspirin and Paracetamol in Treatment of Sore Throat Associated With a Common Cold
Conditions: Common Cold;   Pharyngitis;   Tonsillitis
Interventions: Drug: Acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin, BAYE4465);   Drug: Paracetamol;   Drug: Placebo
19 Completed Effects of Two Doses of a Common Cold Treatment on Alertness
Condition: Common Cold
Interventions: Drug: paracetamol + caffeine;   Drug: paracetamol
20 Completed
Has Results
Effects of Pleconaril Nasal Spray on Common Cold Symptoms and Asthma Exacerbations Following Rhinovirus Exposure (Study P04295)(COMPLETED)
Conditions: Asthma;   Common Cold;   Picornavirus Infection;   Rhinovirus
Interventions: Drug: Pleconaril;   Drug: Placebo to Pleconaril

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