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lung diseases, obstructive: clinical trials:   0 studies
lung diseases, obstructive:   3929 studies
airway disorder obstructive
airway obstructive disease
airways disease obstructive
disease lung obstruction
disease lung obstructive
disease obstructive lung
lung disease obstructive
obstruction lung disease
obstructive airway disease
obstructive airways disorder
obstructive lung disease
obstructive pulmonary diseases
respiratory airway obstruction
clinical trials:   61402 studies
clinical trial
diseases, obstructive:   3744 studies
lung diseases:   11145 studies
disease of lung
diseases lungs
diseases of the lung
diseases pulmonary
disorder of lung
lung disorders
pulmonary disease
pulmonary disorders
trials:   61402 studies
clinical trial
clinical:   63484 studies
obstructive:   4966 studies
diseases:   139888 studies
lung:   17152 studies