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Li Fraumeni syndrome:   28 studies
antigen ny-co-13
cellular tumor antigen p53
gene p53
genes, tp53
li-fraumeni syndrome
oncoprotein p53
p53 antigen
p53 gene
p53 oncogene
p53 oncoprotein
p53 proteins
p53 tumor suppressor
phosphoprotein p53
pp53 phosphoprotein
protein p53
sarcoma family syndrome of li and fraumeni
sbla syndrome
transformation-related protein 53
tumor suppressor p53
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A ad-p53
B body mri
G gene induction
H hereditary disorder
L lfs
li-fraumeni syndrome
li-fraumeni-like syndrome
M malignant thyroid tumor
metabolism regulation
O oral pharynx
P p53 gene
p53 tumor suppressor
p53 tumor suppressor gene
personal medical history
R respiratory complex i
T tp53 genes
tumor suppressor p53
W whole body mri